About Us

Boutique Flair Without the Boutique Prices!

We exist to help make fashion fun and more accessible! Honestly, the idea for Fashion Flair Marketplace was born by a girl who doesn't live to shop! GASP! I know! Don’t get me wrong, I love fun, cute clothes, but I really don’t like all the time, money and effort it takes to get those fun, cute clothes! And, can I just repeat - ALL THE MONEY!!!  I am a woman with a lot of plates spinning (2 kids, the house, church, etc...)  so when I shop I want to know that I will quickly find something I love at a great price!  Is that you, too?  Then Fashion Flair Marketplace is here for you!  Our goal is to help all women find great quality flair, and exceptional prices, all with unbelievable convenience. We keep our inventory new and fresh - keeping up with all the latest trends. And all you have to do is log on and shop! Now, go and see for yourself!  We can't wait to send you some flair!  

Happy Shopping!   RayLynn